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Parish Council Notices
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Parish Meetings

Details of Parish Council meetings and locations can be found by clicking here. The agendas are available from Parish Council Download Library along with previous Minutes and other Public Notices.

Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings of the Parish Council.
Planning News

What is being planned?Go to our Planning Page for the latest news.

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Contact Us

We are always keen to hear from you. Whether you require information - of have some to give, we are ready to listen.Winterslow Parish Council Community image
For Parish Council queries click here.
Check the Parish Diary

Make sure you keep up to date with all the activities coming up in Winterslow. See the the Parish Diary for more information!
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Download Libraries

Don't forget we have 3 Download Libraries holding many documents, maps and reports: Our Community, Parish Council and Visitors Information. Why not visit one now?

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Parish Councils play an important part in the role of Planning whereby they have a right to view planning applications affecting their area and to express their views to the planning authority.

The Parish Council discuss Planning Applications at Full Parish Council meetings and make recommendations to the Local Planning Authority, Wiltshire Council Planning Department).

Whilst the Local Planning Authority may not agree with the Parish Council decision, it must consider the Parish view before it decides to grant or refuse permission for the development.
Recent Planning Applications

To visit the Wiltshire Council Planning Application page on Wiltshire Council's website, click here.

Visit the Parish Council Download Library to view are download a copy of Winterslow Parish Council Planning Spreadsheet.

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Village Design Statement

The Village Design Statement is available to view in the Parish Council Download Library.
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