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Having fun putting in a kissing gate in Winterslow!

Local people worked with South Wiltshire Walks Group to install this kissing gate in Winterslow.

Jane Tier (Clerk)

My name is Jane Tier and I am the Parish Clerk for Winterslow Parish Council.

I have been Clerk to Winterslow for 10 years and it is a very interesting and varied job!

When I first started it was a very different role to today whereby there was much more involvement by Wiltshire Council in local Parish issues. You could request that gullies were cleared or a pothole repaired and Wiltshire Council attended to it swiftly.

The Localism Act changed the way in which we work and brought more responsibilities to the Parishes with the devolution of services.

My tasks are varied and include:

Preparing the Agendas and minutes
Preparation of Accounts and Bank Reconciliations
Respond to Planning Applications
To act as a conduit for information between Wiltshire Council and the Parish Council
Reporting Highway and Rights of Way issues
Preparation of Annual Budget
Preparation of Annual Accounts
Freedom of Information requests
Purchasing Supplies / Goods / Services

These are main tasks that have to be carried and the most important task of any Clerk is to ensure that the Parish Council are working within the realms of the Law. I am a member of the Society of Local Council Clerks and the National Association of Local Clerks and the Parish Council is a member of the Wiltshire Association of Local Councils; all of these provide essential information on Law and Governance for the Parish Council.

I have obtained my Certificate in Local Council Administration and continue to learn through courses, training and seminars, you can never have too much knowledge!

Ivan Moody

I was born and brought up in Winterslow and attended the local school.

Living on a farm I have worked in the agricultural sector as a mobile engineer, repairing anything mechanical used on farms and more recently concentrating on the farm itself.

I am interested in the Community and often become involved in sorting out problems and helping out where I can. This led me into offering my services and becoming a Parish Councillor.

My specific roles include;
Emergency Snow-plan Co-ordinator
A member of the Footpath Group
A member of the Recreation Ground Maintenance Group
Village Map Group member

Simon Port

Simon has lived in Winterslow since 2005, is married to Carolyn and has two boys; both have attended the village school. Simon works locally and has had a keen interest in promoting the village since moving to the area.

In 2007 Simon joined the Parish Council and has been involved with the Recreational Grounds Committee, Barry's Field Committee, manages the defibrillator equipment and acts as liaison between Winterslow School and the Parish Council. He is currently Parish Council Chair and has previously held Chair and Vice-Chair positions.

Simon is an active swimmer and runs Salisbury Lifesaving Club, is a trustee of Stanswood Beach Rescue at Calshot, is an NHS Community First Responder and Chair of the Wessex Branch of the Royal Lifesaving Society.

Richard Sheppard

I was born in Winterslow and I have lived on Weston Lane all of my life.

I spent all of my school years at Winterslow school, becoming Head Boy, and was one of the last pupils to attend until the age of 16.

On leaving I went straight to work on the family arable farm where I worked for 40 years.

I am married to Patricia and we have two children, Justin and Elizabeth.

My interests are music; singing with my group "The Pathfinders", sport; supporting "the Saints", and the Church; attending the Baptist Church on Weston Lane.

I have served on the Parish Council for over 30 years, having also been Chairman.

Currently I am a member of the:
• Recreation Ground group
• Emergency Snow Planning group
• And working on the SIDS Project

For over 70 years, I have enjoyed being involved with many village organisations always with the best of interests of the village at heart.

In the past my family made the ground available for the council houses at Highfield Crescent In 1990 we gave land to the village for the new Village Hall, Carpark and Tennis Court, and also made land available for the Doctors Surgery.

We are proud that we have been able to assist in providing these facilities, in a manner in which we hope to continue.

Louise Safe

I moved to Winterslow with my husband and teenage daughters in 2018, having lived and worked in Salisbury for over 30 years. I consider myself lucky to now be living in a thriving village and wanted to support the community by joining the parish council.

I travel abroad regularly for work and pleasure but enjoy walking in our wonderful Wiltshire countryside; local history; theatre and live music; eating out and socialising with friends and family. I am keen to encourage dialogue, share ideas and endorse our neighbourhood parks and facilities - the village shop, school, pavillion, hall, Barry's Fields and particularly the Lord Nelson!

Angela Sillence

I have been a part of the Winterslow Community for just over 50 years, after moving from the north of county with my parents as a young teenager.

I married into a village family and have one son, Roger. I have been involved with Winterslow Cricket Club on and off over the years. I became involved as a teenager when my late husband was a player, in those days as a member of the tea rota! I have now retired from my 4 years as secretary so that I can now, just watch cricket!

As a member of the Parish Council I hope that all members of the community feel that they can approach me with any concerns they may have, that they feel, should be brought to the attention of the parish council.

There are many changes that are happening to local government and therefore, as a parish councillor I hope that the community will be inspired to advise the parish council of how they would like to see Winterslow progress for the future generations.

Mike Taylor

My wife, Dee, and I have lived in Winterslow for 11 years, so we are conscious that we are still relative "newcomers". We have, however, often commented that we wish we had moved here a lot earlier.

We have a village with many positive benefits and a great community spirit. None of that is accidental or luck… all comes down to the people who live here in the end.

We have 5 adult children all with their own families totalling 11 grandchildren from 1 year to 23 years old. One daughter and her family have also lived in the village for 11 years with two children at our village school.

Before retiring in 2010 I worked in the IT and Defence industries, mostly in Customer Service roles.

I really enjoyed being a member of the Steering Group that produced our Parish Plan in 2010 and that led to me joining the Parish Council in 2013.

Parish Councils are facing rapidly changing challenges and but, more importantly, many new opportunities. This is an exciting and rewarding time to be a Councillor.

As a Councillor I have a particular interest in finance, planning and the management of Barry's Fields.
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